Why You Should Wear Workwear

Workwear helps you to do your job better and protects you from physical harm. Since workwear is usually made to be tough and durable, it saves you from damaging your own clothes and, at the same time, keeps you comfortable. It’s also designed to accommodate any tools you need on your person. Here at Federal Workwear, we’ve got everything you need, from flame-resistant fleeces to waterproof rain pants and safety boots.

When did people start wearing workwear?

Workers, especially manual workers, have been wearing workwear for hundreds of years. In the Old West era, railroad workers and train engineers wore overalls, caps and hickory stripe work jackets. Cheap to produce, cotton hickory stripe was a fabric that was as durable as denim — and it kept the workers nice and cool.

For centuries, lumberjacks have worn buffalo plaid jackets, trapper hats and chaps to protect them from the cold and the dangers of the chainsaw. In Britain, mill workers in the north wore shirts without a collar so they wouldn’t get their clothing caught in the steam-powered machinery. When you think of seamen and sailors, you typically picture them in uniforms and workwear designed to protect them from the elements.

The point is, the right workwear will enhance your work, especially if you buy workwear from a well-established company like Federal Workwear. Established in 1930, we’ve been supplying Australian workers with quality workwear for more than 90 years.

Typical features of our workwear for men and women might include:

  • High-visibility clothing, including pants, vests, shirts and other wearables, with reflective strips for working in fading light
  • Fleece hoodies and jumpers for warmth
  • Clothes with zips in place of buttons to make dressing and undressing easier
  • Stylish, smart designs to make a good impression. Remember, workers represent the company they work for and are usually seen by the public as they go about their everyday lives.
  • Thigh pockets on pants or chest pockets on shirts. Workwear is made with storage compartments in convenient places for tools, devices, access cards, smartphones, etc.
  • No uncomfortable seams or loose parts that could rub or catch
  • Workwear made from stretch fabrics for comfort, movement and flexibility
  • Clothing made from fabrics that keep the wearer cool in hot or humid conditions
  • Pants with reinforced pads to protect knees
  • Windproof or waterproof workwear to suit adverse weather conditions

We also stock safety wear, including safety glasses, ear defenders, hard hats, gloves and knee pads.

Things to think about when choosing workwear

Weather Conditions

When choosing workwear, consider the conditions in which you will be working, specifically whether you will be working outdoors in adverse weather. If you’re going to be exposed to wind, rain, ice and snow, you’ll need a waterproof jacket or coat and pants. If you will be working in hot temperatures, choose fabrics that are sweat wicking or made with mesh panels to help keep your skin cool.

The nature of your work

The type of work you do will influence the workwear you choose. For example, if you work on roads or in the transport industry, you will need HIVIS workwear so you can be seen in fog, heavy rain, or at night time. Healthcare workers might need scrubs or lab coats. If you are customer-facing, you will need to consider the impression you give to the public, logos and name tags, and whether you want to coordinate with colleagues or other team members.

Quality and Budget

It’s best to purchase brand-name workwear for quality assurance, but budget might be a deciding factor. Federal Workwear has established relationships with a range of suppliers so we can pass on great savings to our customers. If you need names, logos, custom printing or embroidery, we can take care of that for you too.
Here at Federal Workwear, we aim to supply the widest range of products from leading brands at the best prices possible, so we can provide our customers with the right workwear for the job at hand.

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